Stakeholder Engagement

Residents’ Preferences for Outdoor Events (Stadium) Facilities

Client:Canterbury Rugby Union

Tools Used:

Phone recruitment

Online survey

The aim of the research was to determine community sentiment regarding a new outdoor events venue and stadium. This meant understanding how preferences might be shaped by different venue and stadium options, including its likely price. To address this, the research used complex modelling to understand the drivers of their choice and frame the preferred venue characteristics (such as seating capacity, location, roof cover and purpose of the venue).

This research clearly identified the necessary attributes of an ideal venue and the importance of each attribute. There was a lot more detail behind this such as the reasons supporting a new build, repair and upgrade of the current stadium. Preferences for the types of use of the facility include hosting concerts, festivals and a variety of sports events. 

The research allowed the client to confidently move forward with a proposal to the necessary stakeholders representing a statistically robust view of the public’s views.